HP Pavilion dv2202xx Active Support Library driver Descărcare gratuita (ver. 2.­03.­0.­2)

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Active Support Library (ver. 2.­03.­0.­2) MSZIP Lansat 2007.09.23.

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Categorie Caiete
Brand HP
Dispozitiv Pavilion dv2202xx
Sisteme de operare Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64-bit
Versiune 2.­03.­0.­2
Mărimea fișierului 5.76 Mb
Tipul fișierului MSZIP
Lansat 2007.09.23
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Active Support Library driver for HP Pavilion dv2202xx Type: Utility - Tools This package provides the HP Active Support Library for the supported notebook models and operating systems.­ The HP Active Support Library is a collection of tools that customers can use to troubleshoot and diagnose issues with their computers.­ This is a critical update for HP Active Support Library.­ It includes several fixes to the HP maintenance and diagnostic tools such as HP Health Check,­ HP Battery Check,­ and HP System Information.­ HP Health Check alerts users to the latest security threats and serious issues,­ and provides advice on how to avoid PC problems.­ In addition,­ this update includes enhancements and features that were not installed with the initial release of this product.­

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