HP Officejet 4215v All-in-One driver Descărcare gratuita (ver. 4.­2.­0)

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HP Officejet 4215v All-in-One (ver. 4.­2.­0) EXECUTABLE SELF-EXTRACTING Lansat 2004.08.24.

Fișier descărcat de 0 si a fost vazut de 4065

Categorie Tot-In-Unul (Multifunctional)
Brand HP
Dispozitiv Officejet 4215v All-in-One
Sisteme de operare Windows 2000, Windows XP
Versiune 4.­2.­0
Mărimea fișierului 364.59 Mb
Lansat 2004.08.24
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DUE TO THE SIZE OF THIS DOWNLOAD,­ HP RECOMMENDS DIAL-UP CUSTOMERS ORDER THIS SOFTWARE ON CD (CD version 4.­2.­0 or later).­ Online ordering is not applicable in all countries.­ The full feature software solution is the complete software solution intended for Home Users who want more than a basic print and scan driver.­ If you would like just print and scan drivers,­ please download the Basic Feature Software Solution for Home Users.­ This installation DOES NOT SUPPORT networked (Ethernet or wireless) installations.­ Software Installation instructions: Click the Download now button.­ When prompted,­ choose Open to start the download and run the software installer.­ Follow the on-screen instructions to start the installation process.­ Connect the USB cable between your HP all-in-one device and your PC when directed by on-screen instructions,­ and turn on your HP all-in-one device.­ Wait for additional on-screen installation instructions before using the all-in-one.­

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